Blue Obelisk 

Blue Obelisk is a tower of stacked geometric prisms in vibrant blue with random mirrored facets. Calling to mind both the sky-inspired ultramarine of Yves Klein and the deep blue of the Atlantic ocean, the sculpture is a dynamic combination of organic and built forms. The gem-like prisms are inspired by the sacred geometry of the natural world and historical sculptures like Brancusi’s Axis Mundi and Donald Judd’s Stacks.

Made from sleek metal and precisely engineered to form a snaking tower, they are expressive of the artist’s fascination with the relationships between the material and esoteric worlds. Specific facets are mirrored rather than blue— reflecting the sky, surroundings and viewer— encouraging personal engagement and emphasizing the relationship between people and environment, internal and external reality. 

Blue Obelisk

Stainless steel, fiberglass

13' high x 3.5' diameter

Miami 2019