Flesh and Bone Zone

Flesh and Bone Zone is a site-specific sculptural installation created for the Human Condition exhibition. It is a text-based conceptual art piece installed on what was the former Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center's original sign.  

 The words “Flesh and Bone Zone” are mounted to the hospital’s rooftop billboard. The aluminum letters are silk-screened in gradient skin tones alluding to the reality of changing neighborhood demographics and urban cycles of development and decay, renewal and gentrification.  Created in a typeface reminiscent of 1970s B-movies – the piece is at once comic, sensual, and kitschy. It refers to the city of Los Angeles as Flesh and Bone Zone-- a powerful cultural creator and exploiter of the extremes of beauty, the body, and sexual content.  

Flesh and Bone Zone also refers to the physical hospital space- one in which some of the most significant events of the human condition play out: sickness, injury, and death alongside birth, recovery and healing- the unifying human experiences of bodily existence.

Flesh and Bone Zone

Silk-screened aluminum 

114" x 74"